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Lemons & Sunflowers

Get creative at dinner time! Add lemons & sunflowers in a glass vase for an elegant & fun centerpiece. Brighten up your place settings with yellow plates & bowls. Choose a fun patterned napkin to complete your look.  

My Beauty Essentials

Get Your Glow On

it the pool or beach with a beautiful bronze- the healthy way!- thanks to tips from tanner to the stars Jule Von Hep. PREP LIKE A PRO  The ideal time to remove hair is 24 hours pre-application, but if it needs to be closer, don’t panic: “Just avoid shaving oils, which can leave a film… Read More Get Your Glow On


Coco Chanel

Each season I search for a new eau de parfum or perfume.  I’ve never been one of those gals that has a favorite scent to be worn daily, no matter the season.  I honestly think that in my past life, I was a gypsy.  I have never feared change.  Ok, that’s not totally true.  I… Read More Coco Chanel


Sin City

Just the title alone makes you a tad bit curious, doesn’t it?  Well get your mind out of the gutter y’all because this post is totally “G” rated. I needed to finish some CE’s (continuing education) for my medical aesthetics license.  For those of you readers that have never met me, blogging (writing) is a… Read More Sin City



Thank you again @SouthernSimpleBlessed for nominating me.  I am truly honored and speechless and that never happens! The Liebster Award started in 2011 and is an online award that is given to bloggers by other bloggers.  I feel as though being nominated for this award made me a winner already, I truly did not expect… Read More LIEBSTER AWARD NOMINEE


Wardrobe Malfunction

So let me just begin this blog post by saying: I love my Cowboy…I really really do BUT creativity is definitely not his strong point! Especially when it comes to his wardrobe. From the waist down, with his boots and wranglers (ahhh those wranglers) he scores a 10 EVERY single time. But let’s chat a… Read More Wardrobe Malfunction